Turkey’s “ARES Shipyard” has built up in over a decade to become the country’s fastest-growing company and its largest exporter of military and commercial vessels.
By employing the latest technology in both construction techniques and design, ARES products lead the way in the fields of military and commercial sectors.
Founded in 2006 by the Kalafatoğlu family, ARES Shipyard was initially established to produce marine craft, based on the family’s long tradition of shipbuilding and sailing.

In order to grow the company significantly, a strategic decision was taken to move into the military and commercial sectors, drawing on the company’s expertise in working with steel, aluminum and composite construction.

By investing heavily in elements such as human resources, organization and quality management, integrated logistics support and advanced production technologies, ARES Shipyard has achieved its aim and has secured numerous sales to naval forces, coast guards, maritime law enforcement agencies, and private companies.

Kerim KALAFATOGLU Chairman
At ARES, listening to our customers is key to the success of any project that we undertake. Delivering what the seamen need is the best advert for success.

What makes ARES unique is to tailor every vessel to each end user’s individual needs rather than supplying standard models. What makes us one stop shop is our inhouse Integrated Logistics Support services from the initial inquiry, through the lifetime of the vessels we deliver.

Communication is always open here at ARES, to share our resources, our design solutions and the systems providers that we partner with. I extend my warmest regards to all those who share our vision of a future where development is sustainable. And I have all my confidence that you’ll find more energetic and sensational solutions at your each and every visit. So, please experience ARES Shipyard by visiting us regularly for fresh updates on our products, services and opportunities.

Ship Exporter
of Turkey
World’s Best
Patrol Boat
Aluminum and
Boat Builder
in Europe
of Turkey
Business Entity
High Offset
The sole and only shipyard in Turkey and one of the few in the world with an
in house Integrated Logistics Support Department
Tailor Made Solutions ARES Shipyard ensures to provide “tailor made” solutions by listening to its customers.
Strength Through Partnership ARES Shipyard believes that participation and involvement of customers and suppliers bring success with “win & win” strategy.
Continuous Development and Change ARES Shipyard believes “continuous development and change” to assure the highest quality and most advanced solutions for its customers.
Team Play The most valuable asset of ARES Shipyard is its human resources. ARES Shipyard encourages “team play” to make impossible things possible.