ARES Shipyard; Fast Solution for a Fast Boat

Home for Ares Shipyard is on the Southern shores of the Turkish Coast, gently washed by the turquoise blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Tourism is dominant here, and accordingly the pace of life and culture, is more “measured”, relaxed and calm or so you would think. 

This is the location of Antalya, a historic town with a long and rich history associated with trade and the Sea. Situated with easy and ready access to the surrounding countries bordering the Mediterranean, Antalya is just a short trip across to the Suez Canal and from there, the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Not surprising then, that this is also the location of a Free Trade Zone, intended for the production and export of goods from Turkey. 

These lines of contact, transportation, and organisation for production and export make it an easy choice for Ares Shipyard to fix its roots here, for the production and supply of Patrol boats to the Military and Para-Military sectors, in stark contrast to the local demeanour, Ares are busy, very busy. 

Moving at a pace unfamiliar to the ship building sector, Ares have been awarded, accepted and built contracts, to the point that they have now expanded their premises three times in the last twelve months, and are in the middle of planning for a fourth expansion. 

Having recently completed the successful build and delivery of ten fast patrol boats to the Turkish Coast Guard from Aluminium, they are now in final discussions to build more of the same for a number of new customers. 

Ares are in the final throes of delivering six patrol boats to the Bahrain Coast Guard. With two vessels already accepted by a very happy the client, and four remaining under construction, these boats are built from advanced composite materials with carbon enhanced lamination. 

Not to rest on their laurels, Ares are also in build with two thirty metre fast patrol boats to the Nigerian Customs Service, which includes a triple engine/water-jet configuration, ballistic protection, RHIB launch/recovery and accommodation for over 19 personnel. Separating these two different types of construction (aluminium & composite) is a given, but spreading the construction over different locations and successfully managing each build according to plan, is a logistics challenge very well accomplished by Ares. 

Without pausing for breath however, and at full running pace, Ares are also in build of eight ferry boats for a commercial operation, servicing the soon to be opened, Anantara Island Resort & Spa, located off the coast of Qatar. The first boat was launched at the beginning of March and the others are due to follow, hot on its heels! 

In parallel with all this construction, Ares have been invited, and are now working with governments, and their agencies in a number of countries, on several development programs and projects 

Ares Shipyard does move at a pace, seemingly never pausing to catch its breath, but success has its own momentum, and “fast” is not just descriptive of the performance of the boats Ares build. 

If you need a fast solution for a fast boat, you need to speak to Ares.