The Maritime Executive: General Overview On The Shipbuilding Industry with Mr. ALANÇ, CEO of ARES Shipyard

Green shipping is a key driver for shipbuilding, Utku Alanç, CEO of ARES Shipyard in Turkey, notes that commercial and pleasure shipbuilding is largely driven by economic stability and wealth.

Therefore, given current market uncertainties, he envisages that demand for yachts, which provide more privacy and social space than cruise ships, may increase.

In contrast to the commercial market, Alanç does not expect the military and paramilitary markets to suffer unduly from the pandemic: "Although the healthcare budgets will most probably be increased and all other budget items are being cut worldwide, it's well known that homeland security, especially during times of crisis, has immediate and almost equal priority with health-care." Political and economic instability, piracy, illegal immigration and international tensions are primary drivers for the military market, he says, and they certainly describe today's world.